Embracing a flexible future

Once viewed as the domain of parents or carers, flexible working patterns are becoming increasingly commonplace across the workplace.  All employees have the legal right to request flexible working and, over the past five years, I have certainly seen a shift in employer attitudes towards more flexible ways of working.  In fact, many of our clients are finding that flexible working has become something of a prerequisite for attracting (and retaining) the very best people.

Research by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants finds that more than half of qualified accountants are motivated by flexibility and greater work-life balance when considering a new role.  The good news is that accountancy lends itself well to flexible working but there is still some work to be done before it becomes the accepted norm within the industry.  Even when flexible working is part of a company’s culture, this may not always be reflected in their job advertisements.

What are the benefits to flexible working?  Today’s employees are increasingly looking for a greater degree of work-life balance.  This is particularly the case for the Millennial Generation.  While caring responsibilities remain a key motivating factor in the desire for flexibility at work, many employees are also looking to achieve more leisure time and to reduce the stress and costs associated with the daily commute.  Research finds that employees who feel more in control of where, when, and how much they work tend to be happier and more productive.  The knock-on benefits for employers include improved staff retention and the potential to tap into a much wider and more diverse talent pool.

Compressed hours, flexible start and finish times, part-time or term-time working, job sharing, job role splitting, and home working are all part of the flexible working landscape.  With the right technology in place, there is no reason why flexible working shouldn’t be a viable option for most accountancy professionals.


Lisa Wintrip

Director, Fletcher George Financial Recruitment


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