The face of recruiting has to evolve in these challenging times when there is such a candidate shortage in the Accountancy sector.

Clients and recruiters alike are working in an era when the UK is facing a serious talent crisis across many skills.

Technically able, agile, professional and client facing accountants are able to secure numerous job opportunities.  It is time now to make sure the interviewer and also the recruiter is really ‘presenting’ to the candidate.

  • Competition is strong as the number of open job opportunities in Accountancy is high across all sectors, Commerce and Practice
  • The number of qualified candidates coming from the EU has decreased since the EU Referendum
  • UK has its lowest unemployment rate since the 1950’s

Now is the time for all firms to be showing a prospective interviewee how their business can really make a difference to their career.

Interviewers need to present the story to the candidate and be passionate about their business, taking the time to sell the benefits.

So what are candidates looking for?

  • An all-inclusive environment
  • A real opportunity to work flexibly including home working
  • To advance their IT experience but working with Xero, Cloud based tools, Paperless office
  • The option to purchase extra annual leave

Remember recruiting in 2018 is about selling your company and though it can be tricky to ensure the candidate interest is strong whilst at the same time ensuring you have gained all the information you need to understand the candidates skill set, those that manage this stand the best chance of taking an interview through to an accepted job offer.