February is always a month that likes to tease us with hopeful glimpses of Spring to come, only to bury them again under wintery snowdrifts – that was certainly the picture a few weeks ago however let us all hope Spring maybe really coming this week.

This year we have all had to add the Pandemic and Lockdown into the mix, and it’s hardly surprising that so many people have been feeling frustrated and disenchanted!  This got me thinking about what we, as employers and team leaders, can do to help keep spirits lifted during these challenging times.

Many of us are feeling disconnected, living our lives through a screen.  It’s easy for team members to feel cut off, so making time for quality communication is key – finding out how people are feeling by creating opportunities for informal, non-work chat. In the words of that well-known BT advert of the 1990s, ‘it’s good to talk’!

Every accounting team will have a different dynamic and it’s so important to try and maintain that dynamic, even when everyone is working from home.  Research has shown that employees having to work from home particularly miss the informal banter shared with their colleagues.  This is harder to replicate remotely, but not impossible.  Talking with senior accounting and finance professionals, I’ve noted a whole range of social activities – online murder mysteries, quizzes, treasure hunts, wine tastings, bake-offs, being used as a way of bringing teams together in a relaxed and informal way – a chance to wind-down, have some fun and keep that team ‘spark’ alive.

A number of teams are also providing access to wellbeing activities such as online yoga or meditation sessions.  Showing that you care can take many forms and it doesn’t have to be a big or showy gesture.  A heartfelt thank you is often enough to make people feel valued and connected.

Ultimately, leading teams through a crisis is not just about business agility, empathy, creativity and openness to change – for me, it is how we communicate with one another which is the huge differentiator.


Lisa Wintrip

Director, Fletcher George Financial Recruitment

Fletcher George is an independent finance and accountancy recruiter working, primarily with finance and accounting professionals in South West London and Surrey including the Hampshire and Sussex borders.  We recruit for both Public Practice and also for commercial businesses in the local area.

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