When it comes to attracting the very best talent, employers need to be able to stand out from the crowd.  At Fletcher George, we will often spend time advising our clients on factors such as salary levels, benefits packages and staff retention strategies.  However, we are also aware that a whole range of less tangible factors are taken into consideration by candidates in making their final decision.  These are often based on location – accessibility, availability of housing, quality of the working environment, and attractiveness of the local area.

The importance of location can be clearly seen in our home town of Leatherhead.  Fletcher George has been based in this historic market town for many years.  We were attracted, in large part, by the town’s buoyant local economy, good transport links, range of quality office spaces, highly skilled talent pool and the surrounding countryside.  You might say it’s a town that ticks all the boxes.

However, even a town like Leatherhead cannot afford to stand still and, for this reason, we are watching with keen interest the ongoing developments contained in the local economic regeneration plan for Leatherhead.  Aptly name ‘Transform Leatherhead’, the plan’s vision is to build on Leatherhead’s strong foundations and to create a market town fit for the future.  Of particular interest to employees and employers are works which have commenced to improve walking and cycling routes between the town, the rail station and the main business parks, as well as enhancing the retail and leisure offering within the town centre.  The plans also include building new mixed-use housing developments for those that wish to live closer to their place of work.  In this way, Leatherhead will continue to be a magnet for the very best people, employers and employment opportunities now and into the future.