There has been a lot of recent press highlighting the current shortages in the current labour market.  In its latest  labour market overview, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported that the unemployment rate for July to September 2022 decreased to 3.6% while at the same time the economic inactivity rate (people neither in work nor actively searching for employment) increased by 21.6% from July to September 2022 which equates to 8,999,000 people, this is a record high for the inactive labour market. 

We know that some people have made a lifestyle choice to retire early because of changed priorities since the pandemic. Long-term illness plays a part and then there are others who remain outside of the active labour market due to restrictions on the hours they can work.

This shortage of available candidates coupled with increased competition for the very best talent, demand for higher salaries, and a reduction of skilled workers due to Brexit and new immigration rules have all contributed to a challenging climate for companies looking to hire new talent. 

With the shortage of available talent, it is certainly a good time for businesses to consider how they might reactivate those who are economically inactive and at the same time work to attract a more diverse candidate pool.

Diversity and Inclusion

It is essential that firms ensure that their organisational culture embraces diversity both within the workplace and in all forms of communication. Ask yourself, are you promoting and embracing flexible and part-time working practices in your organisation that will allow people to thrive whatever their individual circumstances?

Companies that embrace diversity and inclusion in their workplace will find it easier to attract and retain quality employees. Diversity in the workplace helps all potential employees feel welcome and appreciated. Employees with an acceptance of their individual values are more satisfied at work and can be retained longer within the organisation. Diverse teams help improve innovation and decision-making.

Leadership should have an honest, clear vision for the D&I initiatives within the organisation and show real dedication in their execution to achieve these objectives. 

Evaluate and elevate your Employer branding

In this digital age, applicants will research your company online before a job interview. They are hungry for up-to-date information about your company and its culture before they decide if they wish to join. Candidates want to understand how firms handle diversity, and whether the roles are inclusive, with a package that includes enhanced parental leave, flexible working, part-time work and so on. Your website and branding must reflect this.

Attracting a more diverse talent pool  

At Fletcher George, we are committed to attracting a diverse range of talent using a wide variety of methods to ensure we are reaching as wide a pool as possible. We help our clients to better connect with candidates who may have been excluded or perhaps not even considered. Some of this talent in 2022 has definitely been found in reaching out to those in the ”inactive” labour market and making successful introductions with businesses that embrace modern work practices.

‘We have always found both Lisa and Darran efficient and effective in their search for solutions. Their ability to think “outside the box” has connected us with candidates we might have otherwise missed out on. We have been happy to recommend Fletcher George to our clients for their recruitment needs’ – A Three Partner firm of Chartered Accountants, Surrey.

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