Even before lockdown, online interviews were becoming ever more commonplace. Now that they are becoming the new normal, I am frequently asked by candidates to share tips for making the best impression in a virtual interview.

My top tips for success in an online interview are actually very similar to a traditional face to face interview. In a nutshell – be prepared, be prepared and be prepared!

First things first.  Make sure you have thoroughly researched the company and its core values. I usually suggest taking a look at key members of the management team on social media and LinkedIn to get a sense of the company culture and to consider how your skills, values and experience will fit.

My second tip is to make time to prepare yourself as carefully as you would for a traditional face-to-face interview. Even though you may be at home, remember to dress for success! It may seem obvious, but make sure you are wearing smart clothes. Not only will you look the part, but you will feel the part.

Remember to prepare your equipment and the environment. You may have had to swap the interview room for the dining room but do ensure that your backdrop looks professional and that there are no distractions. Turn phones to mute and turn off doorbells too. An interviewer will understand that you are at home, but they may be distracted by your dog chasing its tail in the background!

A practice run with friends or family can be a useful way of testing that your broadband, sound and surrounding area are all set up correctly and that you can navigate your way around the technology.  Know how to share your screen if required.

My final tip is to make sure you have all the relevant information you will need to hand. Good eye contact and body language are as important online as it is in person.  Remember that you will need to look at your camera to establish that all-important engagement with your interviewer and try to avoid nervous habits. It’s been interesting to observe myself on Zoom calls during lockdown – where all those unconscious gestures and mannerisms are laid bare!

For more specific tips and general advice, why not join me for a complimentary, one-to-one interview skills coaching session. Every Monday afternoon in July, I will be running confidential one-to-one online training sessions to help you brush up on your interview skills and techniques.

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Darran Crellin (Director)

Fletcher George Recruitment


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